Course Maps


We can now officially confirm the course for the 2021 event.

We apologise for the delay, we had hoped to run the regular course, however repair work to the damaged section of the walking and cycle paths sustained at the Regatta Centre in recent months from flooding were unable to be completed in time due to ongoing rain causing delays.

The Regatta Centre is also currently renovating their grandstand which is where we usually finsh, so while that is being renovated, we have relocated our finish line to behind the boatsheds, which is near to the start line, and amenities. See Island map below.

Course measurement has been completed and our course has been AIMS certified.

There will be 4 standard drink stations along the course with water and Powerade as well as one special needs station in front of the boatsheds near to the start line where you can (at your own risk) place items of your choosing). This station is only for those who place items at and is not a regular station. Do not take anything you have not left there. For those who like to get right down to the finer details, you can also download a gpx file for each distance below.

Marathon runners, you will be happy to know you now have come up with a longer course, meaning less laps, and we've extended out into the  Penrith Whitewater Stadium carpark which means we don't have to close down Old Castlereagh Rd. 
Your course is 4 laps

Watch a video, and view an interactive map HERE | View Directional Map HERE | Download a gpx file HERE.

Half-Marathon will follow the same route as the marathon, completing 2 laps.
Watch a video, and view an interactive map HERE | View Directional Map HERE | Download a gpx file HERE.

RunNSW Western Sydney 10k will remain inside the Regatta Centre with a 2 lap loop to complete.
Watch a video, and view an interactive map HERE | View Directional Map HERE | Download a gpx file HERE.

5k Family Fun Run will follow the same route remaining inside the Regatta Centre completing 1 lap.
Watch a video, and view an interactive map HERE | View Directional Map HERE | Download a gpx file HERE.

2k Youth Dash remains the same as previous years, but taking in the new finish area. 
Watch a video, and view an interactive map HERE | View Directional Map HERE | Download a gpx file HERE.

We thank you for your patience in this matter, we wanted to give our regular course every chance of happening, but mother nature had other plans.

Send us an e-mail if you have any course related questions.

Gates will open at 6:00am
Western Sydney Marathon race start is 7:00am.
Half Marathon will start at 7:30am.
Run NSW Western Sydney 10k will start at 10:00am.
5km Family Fun Run will start at 11:00am.
2km Youth Dash start time is 12:00pm.

Course & Timing Equipment closes at 1:00pm - If you have not crossed the line by this time you will be marked as DNF as an official time will not be available.

   Click to enlarge precinct map with drink station and bathroom locations




The 2021 Western Sydney Marathon is featuring the latest in real-time race tracking by providing Live Results via our partner SportSplits (MSA).

Features Include:

Live Web Tracker - See times and current pace within seconds of a participant crossing each split point. Estimated times will be provided based on current pace.

Live Leaderboard - See who is winning via the Live Leaderboard. Top runners in each category will be displayed in real-time as they lead the way through the course.

Real-time Twitter Notifications - Get automatic posting as progress is made on the course. As a spectator, the times of the participant you are tracking can be posted to your Twitter feed automatically allowing friends and family to share in the excitement! If you are a participant, claim your profile and enable Twitter notifications. Your stats will post live as you pass each checkpoint.

Live Map Tracking - Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map as progress is made on course. The position of each participant is estimated based on the most recent timing received from the bib read.
NOTE: Participants do not need to carry their phones for this feature to work.

Text2Follow® - Follow participants in real-time via text notifications to your mobile phone.

Mobile App - Features include Live Participant Tracking, Push Notifications, Leaderboards, Map Tracking, Event Messages, Event Info and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Times posted during the event are Unofficial. Official results are posted upon completion of the event.

Get the app HERE.